Peace and Happiness

Peace and Happiness

Peace and happiness are the pursuits of most of us across the planet we share. In our “own way” or conditioned ways we go about in our thoughts, with our actions based on current beliefs. We hope, fret and resign ourselves to these ideas for specific outcomes. Some of us adapt to twists and turns in events but do not necessarily reassess what is truly required to achieve our goal nor take a few moments discern what is true now to us for our highest evolution. All too often, we go about guided by generic ideas of what we “should” want, or whom we guess we “should” be. So how do we go forward authentically, have peace along the way and manifest happiness? Yogis of old and new alike direct us to the same starting point: surrender. Find your still point in sitting quietly in meditation.

Breath, listen to your breath. Restless hands can move the 108 mala beads, one at a time to bring self into mindful awareness of the here and now.

Restless mind may repeat a mantra such as “Om” the primordial sound & beginning of all things, or Om Namo Narayanaya” a mantra that raises awareness there is a sacred shelter for all living beings. A mantra raises energy for peace in this moment free from other attachments or distractions; mantras clear the seat of willpower and self-expression concentrated in the throat chakra.

With consistent practice of surrender during quiet moments alone, we can feel loneliness dissolve and give way to our own perfect peace. Our peace is revealed like clouds evaporating before the sun. Peace is consistent like the sun; it is always present, simply practice awareness in still surrender.

Happiness is like the earth it is never all lit by the sun. Part of the will be currently lit and part will be shrouded in mystery. Our happiness is limited or liberated by the consciousness of light on our own peace in our own awareness.

May all beings everywhere be happy and prosper, Namaste.

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